Our Breastfeeding Resource Library represents information passed from woman to woman through generations, and modern solutions suggested by today's specialists. Nursing your baby is a natural and ancient method of providing the best nutrients to your precious child; here you will find the fundamentals of successful breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Information

Dr Jack Newman's Breastfeeding Videos
Breastfeeding facts Dr.Jack Newman established Canada's first Breastfeeding Clinic in 1984 Dr. Jack Newman established Canada’s first breastfeeding clinic in 1984 at The Hospital for Sick Children. Soon he opened clinics in several Toronto hospitals as the need for his expertise grew.The videos here are some of Dr Newman's guide and techniques for breastfeeding. I do hope that these videos will help you in getting off to a good start.
Relieving and Treating Engorged Breasts
Low Milk Supply
Overactive Letdown
Flat or Inverted Nipples  
Sore Nipples Other Resources
Nipple Shield Allergies in A Breastfed Infant
Breastfeeding Your Sleepy Baby Colic
Handling and Storing Breast Milk Colitis
Your Fussy Baby Offering A Breastfed Baby A Bottle
Diet and Nutrition How To Tell Your Baby is Getting Enough to Eat
Nipple Bleb's/Blisters Constipation and Breastfed Babies
Nipple Confusion Dieting While Breastfeeding
Smoking and Breastfeeding Exercise and Breastfeeding

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